Monday, June 8, 2009

Blood On My Tracks Disc 1 Song 2

Track 2. Day of the Locusts

In my head there are two different worlds (sort of simplified I know) of Bob Dylan songs there is world (A), the Desolation Row, It’s Allright Ma, Ain’t Talking world and then there is world (B), the When I Paint My Masterpiece, Silvio, Day of the Locusts world. I first got into Bob Dylan via Greatest Hits #1 which is ALL (with the exception of Rainy Day Women) world A.

Day of the Locusts is the first world B song I remember loving. Supposedly this is about the day Dylan received an honorary degree from Princeton. Unwanted formality in the way of the outlying, omni-present muse. There is something in it that just makes me giddy. Disc 1 is starting out pretty funky.

New Morning is now off the board (slow tear falls for Sign on the Window and Winterlude).

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