Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Blood On My Tracks Disc 1 Song 7

Track 7. True Love Tends To Forget

I have an unabashed fetish for Street Legal. If you check my all time top ten albums list from an earlier blog you will see Street Legal sitting pretty at number 6. This track embodies that whole record. It is funky, the soul singing back up is there. Bob’s vocal is really forceful and yanks your arm. It is wrapped up in a curious mysticism that underpins Street Legal:

“I was lyin' down in the reeds without any oxygen
I saw you in the wilderness among the men.
Saw you drift into infinity and come back again
All you got to do is wait and I'll tell you when.”

For me you couldn’t create a larger hole in Dylan’s catalog then if you removed Street Legal. I just have never heard anything like it. I love that through the process of elimination this song made the cut. It fits perfectly.

Street Legal is off the board (slow tear falls for all of the above).

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