Saturday, June 6, 2009

Blood On My Tracks Disc 1 Song 4

Track 4. Blood In My Eyes

The most influential songwriter living and I am going to put a cover on a super compilation mix-cd. You’re damn right I am and I should.

Myself, my older brother Brian and our friend Rhett put together a best albums of the 90’s top ten list. This was serious shit and we’re gearing up for the aughts. Rhett had World Gone Wrong at #1, what a choice! Having seen the work that followed, all that mining and exploration by Dylan of the original influential stuff it is obvious (NOW) that World Gone Wrong is an extremely pivotal and important record in the pantheon of Dylan’s catalog. Rhett was able to see the future from the power of this record full of songs from the past.

Freewheelin set the tone for folk master hard-rain calling young prodigy stage.

Bringing It All Back Home set the tone for game changer, rock/country/pop music will never sound the same again stage.

John Wesley Harding set the introspective surviving the failed revolution stage.

Slow Train coming set the tone for the “Born Again” stage.

Infidels set the stage for the wandering through the 80’s and looking phase up until it was found with Oh Mercy.

World Gone Wrong set the conduit to a bygone sound and time excavator of that Old Weird America phase.

Here is what Bob had to say about Blood In My Eyes in the liner notes for World Gone Wrong:

"BLOOD IN MY EYES is one of two songs done by the Mississippi Sheiks, a little known de facto group whom in their former glory must've been something to behold. rebellion against routine seems to be their strong theme. all their songs are raw to the bone & are faultlessly made for these modern times (the New Dark Ages) nothing effete about the Mississippi Sheiks."

World Gone Wrong is off the board (slow tear falls for Delia, Two Soldiers, and Lone Pilgrim)

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