Saturday, November 21, 2009

Number Three Escondida

#3 Escondida – Jolie Holland 2004

1. "Sascha"
2. "Black Stars"
3. "Old Fashioned Morphine"
4. "Amen"
5. "Mad Tom of Bedlam"
6. "Poor Girl's Blues"
7. "Goodbye California"
8. "Do You?"
9. "Darlin Ukelele"
10. "Damn Shame"
11. "Tiny Idyll/Lil Missy"
12. "Faded Coat of Blue"

“I tried to go to sleep in my haunted little room. The shadows are churning in the passage of the moon”

Trampled paths and repetition
In my mind shot through my ears

Heat some coffee
Stare out into the black night

Big red sun and no new heat
Lucky old sun with nothing to do
Rollin' around heaven all day

I’d misplaced the notion to be hungered or thirsty
Yet and so and hold on

Oh’ Escondida you’ve found my harvest moon
Unlike the others and I keep you close
No closer

I can’t believe my ears when I believe you
That sweet thing you know
My little secret, my darlin’ ukulele

Bigger than this whole wide world which people say is round
Tucked into my pocket
There is something new under the big red sun

A million miles from behind the moon
Oh’ Escondida – rejuvenator, new path finder, companion

It is endless
Hallways and closets and cupboards
The tower of song

You little flashlight
You lovely little flashlight

I’m grateful to have heard your light
Age stiffens your back
N' dull your mind
But Oh’ that little light of yours sure did shine
Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine

And spin, and be heard


  1. # 3- O Brother Where Art Thou (2000)

    This movie/soundtrack, was for me, a brilliant light that shone down on me. Illuminating music from the past that just needed to be heard, understood, remembered. The music of my grandparents, and their parents, music that seeped so far into my core that I could not ignore it any longer. Of course it helped that I was 24, learning to play a guitar, and meeting all kinds of people who actually liked to play bluegrass. But this was pivotal time for me in my musical landscape. Something that was always there before, was reawakened by this recording. I guess it was just my roots.

  2. KG - I bet this was a soul buster for you after reading that. The roots mined on this soundtrack are this Country's most important artifacts. I genuinely believe that. To know that and to love these songs is a real brother/sister hood. Angel Band - Keep on the Sunny Side - Oh Death - I'll Fly Away - All treasures of the highest order.