Sunday, November 29, 2009

Top Ten Albums of the 2000's

I am going to be closing out the decade on this recently neglected blog with my Top Ten Albums of the Oughts List. Please note that the order of the posts will read from ten to one so I will have to adjust the date posted (blogger arranges posts by date posted). Ten through one will follow this post below in reverse order. I will make a new post each Friday and Monday. I am sending this email / notice out to challenge you to put together your list so I can find out about some great stuff I haven’t heard. I still stand by my 90’s list even though there would likely be a change or two, but I have much more trepidation about this one. I have been going backwards time wise thanks to a case my brother made (hand made packed with 2,500 plus cd's / no big whoop) me so my palate has been limited but I still feel good enough to put this list out there.

If you put together a list (awesome!) just reply to my post on the blog with your corresponding album for that ranking. If you just want to post a list of some favorites of the 2000's hell do that too.


  1. Dang, this is a weird decade. There's a few "definites" on my list, but I think filling in spots 5-10 is going to be really tough. I'm really looking forward to reading about and hearing your picks. You always have very considered opinions mixed with a primal gut feeling.

    I'm still of the mind that this can be an living list though, not in the sense that other people's opinions can change mine, but that I just might not hear certain albums for a few more years.

  2. Jauzins! Didn't know if you could tell i have 10-6 just below this post...

    It is definately fluid. My #1 THE NUMBER ONE would have been different from the 90's (Mule Variations) but it came in right at the end and I missed it....

    Steve Earle Train a Comin might have also made the ten and I heard it after the fact.. this is a good thing though....

  3. I just saw those entries you did down below. I'll post a couple of comments in there. Are you going in reverse order? I'm a little confused as the dates say that #6 was posted before #10

    I'm glad you agree about the lists. I have only very recently heard some amazing albums from the '70s and '80s that were new to me. It's great to know that those decades produced such lasting music that I am still discovering. Somehow that hasn't happened as much for the '90s, at least not yet.

    On the other hand, coming up with with Top 10 lists for say, the 1970s would be nigh on impossible.